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Dallas McMillan

Hi, I’m Dallas McMillan,

I’m a marketing strategist and growth coach, and I specialise in helping professionals like you to create the practice they really want.

Over the last 5 years I’ve shown hundreds of professionals how to attract great clients, productise their services to get more time, and establish premium pricing and market leadership.

I’m passionate about coaching smart, successful professionals who want to create, communicate and capture more value in their practice.

This is me about 15 years ago – young and keen and about to become a practice partner! —>

I developed my superpower of helping professionals create their dream business after my retiring  from my own successful practice.

I was a partner in a large veterinary practice group with 3 clinics and 20 staff. I learnt how to brand and market our business online to attract high value clients and practice the way we really wanted. We ran a “lifestyle” business where we enjoyed 13 weeks holiday a year while turning over 7 figures. We didn’t get there by accident though – it was the result of Intentional Business Design.

Today I apply my surgical precision to helping other professionals to create the life and business they really want.



When my clients seek me out they tell me they feel trapped in their business.

They struggle to get the right clients and are overworked and underpaid. They can’t see a way to grow their business where it gives them the income, the freedom and the rewards they expected when they first invested in practice ownership.

That’s why I’ve developed the High Value Practice™ program. It specifically addresses the challenges that service professionals face when growing their practice so that they can focus on what they do best – delivering great service and value to their ideal clients.

Stress and pain

The Problem

Professionals are trapped in a vicious cycle from which they can’t escape

After helping hundreds of professionals, practice owners and entrepreneurs to market and grow their business over the last 5 years, I’ve identified a Vicious Cycle that keeps most small businesses locked into a downward spiral of struggle and failure.

They feel stuck in their business, are overworked, underpaid and unfulfilled. This isn’t what they thought they were signing up for when they invested in practice ownership.

While this cycle affects all businesses, it’s particularly difficult for professional services practices with less than 20 staff to break this pattern. That’s why I’ve created the Practice Business Breakthrough Workbook and the Intentional Practice Design Webinar.

5 circles info

01  Working “In the Business“, not “On the Business

Most practice owners are stuck in the classic small business trap – spending their time working “in the business”, rather than “on the business. While this is an issue for all business owners, professionals are particularly vulnerable to this because they identify as a practitioner and their services demand a high level of training, expertise and client service.

This stops them paying attention to critical parts of business development like client attraction and business systems.

Impact: You Feel Stuck in your Business, and lack the clarity to work smarter rather than harder

Get Unstuck

02  Not Enough Clients or Low Value Clients

Most practice owners are constantly struggling to attract enough clients, or else attracting the wrong clients.

Not enough clients, poor quality clients or a wide mix of clients all stop you from achieving efficiency and profitability in your practice. It stops you from doing your best work or developing a reputation for serving a specific industry or solving a specific problem.

Impact: Poor or unpredictable cashflow, client headaches, and inefficiency.   

Attract High Value Clients

03  “Trading Time for Money”due to lack of Leverage

Most service professionals are stuck in the “Trading Time for Money” trap where they are billing hourly rates or providing fixed-price services that are heavily dependent on their skilled labour.

This means that their income is dependent on them personally or their highly trained staff interacting 1:1 with clients to deliver services. As a result it is difficult, time-intensive and expensive to scale your offering.

Impact: All the pressure and workload from new client rests on the founder and trained staff.

Stop Trading Time for Money

04 Competing on Price due to lack of Differentiation

Most Professional Practices are perceived as commodity providers by their clients. They offer diverse services to a wide range of different clients and industries. While they often have areas of special expertise, these aren’t visible or relevant to their clients.

Even if your services are bespoke, customised or specialised, if your clients can compare your prices to similar services from nearby practices, you are selling a commodity.

Without a clear, strong and memorable differentiator clients cannot tell you apart from your competitors.

Impact: Most practices look the same, forcing clients to shop on price

Stop Competing on Price

05 Can’t Scale to Attain Efficiency & Profitability

Most professionals lack the ability to scale their business to increase their efficiency or profitability. In practice, this keeps most professional practices too small to produce significant profit or resale value.

In practice, this means the founder must work full time just to keep the business financially viable. The business can’t afford to hire essential auxiliary staff such as administrative, marketing or sales personnel. These functions are either neglected or performed (often poorly) by the already overworked founder or professional team.

As a result, these businesses are unable to grow or expand to take advantage of new market opportunities.

Impact: Most practices aren’t real businesses: they are glorified jobs for their founder.

Build a scale-able business

The Impact on Practice Owners

Trapped Depression 2

The Vicious Cycle of Practice Ownership means that many professional services founders are overworked, underpaid and unfulfilled. 

This often gets worse over time, leaving to a chronic sense of isolation,overwhelm, and hopelessness.

As a result service professionals such as Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers and Veterinarians are often cited as the professions most likely to suffer from burnout, depression or even suicide.

The Solution

Break the Vicious Cycle to achieve Practice Freedom

If you are caught in this downward spiral it is essential that you take massive action to break the cycle.

You need to identify all the areas that are keeping you stuck and start applying yourself daily to creating the practice you really want.

Download our Practice Business Breakthrough workbook and watch the Intentional Practice Design webinar replay.

You’ll learn a simple 5 step process to help you break the cycle and create the practice you really want.


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You’ll Learn the 5 Mistakes that are Killing Your Enjoyment of Practice – and how to fix them:

 Why you Feel So Trapped in Your Practice
 How to Avoid Client Headaches
 Why You Never Have Enough Time
 How to Avoid Competing on Price
 How to Create the Practice You Really Want

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